iTero® Element™ in Clarksville and Fulton, MD

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Vanguard Orthodontics is a Digital Imaging Practice: Proud Owners of an iTero® Element™ Intraoral Scanner

The iTero Element is what is known as a digital scanner. It takes thousands of images in a period of two to four minutes with a wand that one of our assistants positions over the teeth. These images are used to create a three-dimensional model of your teeth. This eliminates the need for impressions for most of our appliances, including Invisalign®, thus making your experience that much more pleasant!

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Not only is an iTero Element digital scan far more comfortable than the old putty-based impressions, but it’s faster and provides images that are more precise. Plus, iTero digital impressions decrease treatment time, as the mailing of conventional impressions to our labs for the fabrication of Invisalign and other appliances is eliminated.

Say “goodbye” to the goop-filled impression trays!

  • No goop or gag to worry about
  • Fast, accurate scan for superior diagnostics
  • Ideal for all types of braces, including Invisalign clear aligners and retainers

Experience more comfortable, more efficient orthodontic treatment with iTero at our Clarksville and Fulton, MD orthodontic offices!

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